Our enterprise

Our enterprise - Beekeeping Cantoni & Ottani

Thirty years passed since when we bought the first hive in the face of ours parents mistrust and astonishment.

For ten years we have bred bees at professional level. We manage an over 650-hive bee park, mainly in the geographically stable apiaries in Emilia Romagna and Sicily.  

The stations in Tuscany and Sicily are used purely to product brood frames to form new swarms and to setting up the fertilization “nucs” at spring. 

The business trend is chiefly directed to Queen Bee farming of the Ligustica breed.

Ligustica Queen Bees

Ligustica Queen Bees - Beekeeping Cantoni & Ottani

For over ten years we have bred Ligustica Queen Bees.

We effect a careful selection on our bee park and we are engaged in the selection plans in association with other farming . Special attention is turned to picking out the strains with a strong instinct for hygiene.

We deliver from Mai to September.

Our reference association is the Italian Queen Bee Farmers Association ( A. I. A. A. R. )

Further we have activated the practices to be put on the National Register Queen Bee Farming.

Since the second half of June we can sell “tested” queens.

These queens are left on the “nucs” with 5 frames D.B for nearly a month and they are collected after a complete brood cycle.

In our breeding we keep the traceability of the mothers from the larva grafting to collection, so every consignment is provided with morphometry analysis of the mothers used.

After years of demanding work we are successful at selecting mother lines that correspond, at 95%, 99%, to the standard of Ligustica breed.

We keep the traceability of the mothers from the larva grafting to the  collection of the fertile queens.

Our fertilization stations are surrounded by the apiaries where we breed the drones from the selected mothers: that way we saturate fertilization zones with the highest possible number of selected males.

Besides selecting carefully in our breeding, it’s a long time that we are engaged in a selection plan coordinated by Felsinei Beekeeper Association of Bologna.

We have adopted the following selection criteria: restarting at spring, productivity, little tendency to swarm and docility.

Special attention is turned to looking for the strains with good instinct for hygiene.


We sell from May to the end of September and we send all over in Italy and EU by air


Delivery time:

 - Italy, 48 hours at the longest 

- EU, by air with collection in the airport in 24/48h